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Funnelcast is Different

Updated: Jan 19

Funnelcast gives you simple, concrete, and direct advice on how to exceed your sales goal.

Dozens of me-too rev ops "analytics" software packages have little more functionality than spreadsheets plus a simple deal score model. Their "analytics" are simple rollups, counts, and averages. Worse, they are presented without context so you can't say if they have any significant meaning or not. (More often not. We've measured it!) The thing that really matters, your sales goal, can easily get lost in a forest of basic and meaningless metrics.

Here's what Funnelcast gives you that is different.

Clearly understand your entire sales process

By that we mean both:

  • Deals in your pipeline

  • Deal generation (prospective deals entering the pipeline)

Others sweep deal generation under the rug in a "pipeline coverage" metric that is often unrelated to sales outcomes. We give you a full and correct understanding of deal generation and its impact on sales—an often crucial factor at the start of a quarter and for long-term planning.

Good forecasts are important for setting reasonable expectations. But Funnelcast gives you much more, even when things go sideways.

Imagine a business that, for whatever reason, is performing below expectation. The forecast probably looks bad! Instead of just abstractly saying "close big deals" or "more pipeline", or simply scoring the chance of each deal closing in isolation, Funnelcast shows you which factors have the biggest impact on the odds of exceeding your goal:

  • Where to increase deal gen to maximize your odds of exceeding your goal

  • Which deals to work on to maximize your odds of exceeding your goal

  • What deals might be pulled in to most impact the odds of exceeding your goal

That knowledge shows you the best chances you have at turning under-performing quarters into over-performing ones.

The Funnelcast Difference

Funnelcast users gain a simple, clear, and complete understanding of their sales process. Funnelcast gives you concrete options and advice in terms of impact on the only thing that really matters: the odds of exceeding your sales goal.

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