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Allocating resources wisely?

Right-focus with FUNNELCAST.


Productivity insights for individual contributors to the C-suite

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CRO: Avoid the overcommit, underdeliver trap. Right-goal, right-staff with funnel insights.

Closing business is hard enough. Doing so with unrealistic goals, too few or too many people, or with insufficient lead flow can make it impossible.

Set realistic goals. See which business segments are most productive. Know how much lead flow you need to beat your plan. Right-size your GTM staff.

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CFO: So many forecasts. Which one can you trust?

Rollup forecasts summarize individual deal calls. Commit. Likely. Upside... Do that at the each level of the organization. You've got dozens of forecasts. How do you manage stakeholder expectations and cash flow? Which one do you trust?

The truth is that all forecasts are wrong. No one knows what the future holds. Funnelcast estimates the realistic forecast distribution. And shows you the chances of meeting your goal—for the current quarter to next year. More important, Funnelcast tells you what you how to beat your goal. You decide how much confidence you need to plan and report on. And whether you can pull off the recommended changes. Manage your cash flow better, and run the business efficiently with fewer surprises.

CMO:  Quality matters. Know your market, deliver the right leads.

Your efforts are critical to the success of the business. Among other things, success requires focusing on developing lead flow from your most valuable market segments.

Generating the wrong types of leads can be a drag on resources. Funnelcast lets you make fact-based decisions about where to focus. Segmenting your data uncovers opportunities by giving you a "normalized" expected value of a new opportunity—adjusted for win-rate, time, and total contract value—for each segment. You might be surprised what you learn.

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