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Understaffed? Overstaffed?

Right-staff with FUNNELCAST.


We are B2B sales and marketing optimization specialists. If you feel you may have overspent, overstaffed, or worked on the wrong opportunities; then you are not alone—and we have something for you.  We believe that the key to improving productivity begins with understanding your conversion rates—something that virtually no-one gets right, but which Funnelcast makes very easy and intuitive.

Our team has a unique combination of experiences in growing B2B sales organizations, establishing repeatable processes, and applying quantitative methods to solving business problems.


FUNNELCAST helps you understand your sales pipeline health, capacity, needs, and optimization opportunities. FUNNELCAST empowers you with data-driven decision-support for critical resource allocation decisions. It also makes excellent sales forecasts.

If you are a data driven person and prefer facts to opinions, we have something for you.

Sell more. Spend less.

Bill Kantor

Bill has been on the founding or leadership team of three software companies that have delivered over $6B in liquidty to their investors. He has experience scaling sales from startup to over $200M in revenue. Bill's frustration with inappropriate goal setting, widely used but inaccurate metrics of funnel health, and the difficulty he experienced building long-range sales forecasts to support hiring decisions led him to develop the FUNNELCAST machine learning system that uses CRM data to forecast and inform resource allocation.

Bill is an avid cyclist and large format photographer.

Bryan Lewis

A mathematician active in open-source software communities, Bryan was the chief data scientist for Revolution Analytics and the SciDB project. He has worked with Intel, Microsoft, DARPA, and others on many applied data science projects in computational finance, health care, genomics, and more. His open-source software packages are widely-used with millions of downloads. Bryan is a co-author of the CRC Press textbook "A Computational Approach to Statistical Learning."

Bryan lives in Appalachia and is a whitewater kayaker, amateur mycologist and forager.

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