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Data matters. 

If you are interested in optimizing your sales and marketing processes, data matters. Here are some key metrics to assess your "data-readiness.”
You don’t need to have all of these but if you do, you will be well positioned to optimize your sales results with Funnelcast.

Closed deals:
Closed at least 50 opportunities. These need to be recorded in your CRM system.

At least 20 quota-carrying sales people.

Sales process:
Your organization has a defined sales process and is reasonably consistent about following it. 

Open Opportunities:
Over 100 open opportunities (at various stages) in your funnel.

Historical data:
At least four sales cycles of historic data. (E.g., if you have a nine month sales process, then you need 36 months of historic data.)

CRM system:
If you use Salesforce you are all set. Most other CRM systems can output the data we need—the opportunity stage history.

Good data/Bad data:
Don’t worry about it, everyone has this problem. Funnelcast has many data quality filters and corrections built in. Read our article The Bad Data Lament. The only way to know for sure is to load your data and run some backtests.  Its fast and easy to do this. Setup is only a few minutes.

Interested? Contact us.

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