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Unreliable sales forecasts?
Know what to expect—and how to change it.

Advanced pipeline analytics, informed decisions 

Win rates done right

Sales and marketing optimization starts with understanding your win rates. But win rates are tricky. Simple ratios yield optimistic and volatile measurements. Funnelcast computes your win rates correctly—as a function of time. See the video below. This deep analysis underpins all that follows.

Win rate by stage.png

Right-goal with win-rate powered forecasts

Win-rates power realistic forecasts—for current quarter to next year. For open funnel and prospective new deals that you will add over time. Forecasts tell you what to expect if you keep doing what you've been doing. And how to adjust your strategy to do better. Avoid the overcommit-underdeliver trap. Set expectations, and allocate resources efficiently.

Gap analysis

Right-staff demand gen and sales with capacity planning

Funnelcast helps you figure out how much lead flow you need to meet your plan. But if you boost your lead flow, are you right-staffed? Do you need more salespeople? Funnelcast has you covered.

Capacity chart.png

Right-focus with analysis by segment

So many deals, so many market segments, so little time. Where should you focus? Your baseline forecast is only a start. Funnelcast shows you which deals and market segments to work—and when. Follow that advice for a strategy-adjusted forecast that improves your odds of beating your goal. Go home knowing you worked the most impactful deals and demand generation. Things change. Tomorrow you'll get a new similar list.

Strategy-adjusted forecast
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