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  • What are all these features about?
    Advanced forecasting: Focus on the opportunities you are most likely to close. Add to your open funnel dashboard. Forecast summary of won, open funnel, new funnel Predictive analytics forecast of open funnel and new funnel (opps that are not yet in your open funnel): current quarter to next year Daily track of won, open and new funnel forecasts, Forecast Category (if tracked in Salesforce), and other user-defined forecasts Staleness countdown: shows which opportunities to focus on—before they go stale Opportunity scores: likelihood of winning each opportunity Pull-in scores: which future quarter opportunities would have the highest likelihood of closing if their close dates were pulled in to current quarter Analysts: Analysts turn your CRM data into sales productivity improvement insights and forecasts. Analysts author, save, and publish Funnelcast reports. Custom reporting: Don't see what you need? We'll add it. Built to your specifications. Joined columns: Improve insights and forecasts by adding columns (fields) to your dataset so you can filter data, segment models, and summarize reports. Salesforce Opportunity History columns (required data) are excluded from these limits. KPI trends: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you focus resources and show you what you really need to know to assess and improve processes. Know how you are doing and spot important changes in trends. Open funnel dashboard: The way to brief your management team or run a sales meeting. Understand your funnel quickly with open funnel details and summaries. A single screen shows you what's going on. Planning: Optimize your resource allocation with gap analysis and goal seeking. Understand: How much demand generation you need to meet your plan Which business segments are most productive The effect of changes in your key performance indicators Premium priority support: Our experts will guide you to sales forecasting and sales optimization success. Report views/month: Number of times shared reports are accessed by users (excluding analysts). Scheduled reporting: Schedule important reports to run automatically based on the latest data so you have quick and easy access to your most current insights. Shared reports: Collaborate, save, and selectively share insights and forecasts with others in your organization. Teams and Slack integration: Easily share reports with your coworkers using your organization’s preferred messaging application. Users: Anyone in your organization who needs to access and interact with reports. Win rates: Optimize your sales process by understanding your win rates and advance rates by stage. Rates are computed properly—a function of time since entering stage, and incorporating all open, won, and lost opportunities.
  • Which browsers does Funnelcast support?
    Funnelcast supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Is Funnelcast a web application?
    Yes, Funnelcast is a completely web based platform. You do not need to download any extension or install software.
  • What's the difference between a Funnelcast Analyst (aka Modeler) and a User?
    Funnelcast Analysts (Modelers) author, save, and publish reports for access by Funnelcast Users. Reports are interactive and allow Users to explore forecasts and insights in more detail.
  • How do I authenticate my access to Funnelcast? Do I need any special privileges?
    Users authenticate through Salesforce. The first registrant in a company is assigned the role of Analyst (aka Modeler) and must have API access to Salesforce.
  • Which CRM systems does Funnelcast work with?
    All Funnelcast products offered here are integrated with Salesforce via the Salesforce API. If you use another CRM system, or if you prefer to push data manually to Funnelcast, please contact us about using the Funnelcast Explorer (not available here).
  • Can I use Funnelcast to analyze CRM data belonging to a company other than my own?
    Yes, but the fees here are based on using Funnelcast to analyze your company's data. If your businesses needs to analyze third-party data (for example, if you are a service provider or an investor), please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Can I see my usage statistics?
    Analysts can check their organization's usage statistics at any time on the Funnelcast Account tab.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
    Sure. Your subscription can be cancelled or changed at anytime. Go to the Account tab in Funnelcast and click on the link to manage your account.
  • Can I change my plan at any time?
    Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. The unused fees paid for your previous subscription will be allocated as a credit towards your new plan.
  • Will my subscription renew automatically?
    Yes, your subscription will automatically renew according to your pay period. You can cancel a automatic renewal or your subscription via the Manage my account section of the the Funnelcast Account tab.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! We offer a 17% discount for annual subscription and payment.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Yes. You can request a refund within 14 days of subscribing to any paid plan.
  • How do I know if I have API access?
    Try it. Start with our free offer, Funnelcast Essentials. During setup, you will be prompted to login to your Salesforce account. If you get an error message after successfully logging in, then you don't have API access. Request your Salesforce administrator to assign you API access privileges. If you don't have API access, please contact us to arrange using Funnelcast by manually importing your data.
  • What data does Funnelcast access?
    Funnelcast accesses your Salesforce Opportunity History file which includes the following fields about each Opportunity. Opportunity ID Created By ID Modified Date Stage Name Amount Expected Revenue Close Date Probability To ForecastCategory Opportunity Created Date At your discretion you may also add history tracked data from the Opportunity Field History file and other untracked data from other Salesforce tables.
  • How does Funnelcast access and protect my company's data?
    Funnelcast uses the Salesforce APIs to access your CRM data. Single Analyst versions require the Analyst user to have API access to Salesforce. The Funnelcast Application Funnelcast operates as a Salesforce Connected App using Salesforce APIs for: User authentication by Salesforce OAuth 2 (we do not use or store client passwords) Read-only access to organization Salesforce data The connected app Application Permissions are: Perform requests at any time (used by Enterprise Edition only) Access the identity URL service Manage user data via APIs You will be asked to confirm this access upon first setting up your Funnelcast account. Access to reports authored by a Funnelcast client are restricted to users in the same Salesforce organization. The client can control user access per report. Encyption All communication between Funnelcast services, Salesforce, and the client are TLS-encrypted. Client data stored by Funnelcast are encrypted at rest by industry-standard AES-256 data encryption.
  • Can I anonymize my data so that customers and my sales team are not revealed?
    Yes. Funnelcast uses the 18 character IDs provided by Salesforce to identify Opportunities, Accounts, and Salesforce users. These are machine-readable identifiers that would require someone with access to your Salesforce instance in order to identify the underlying entities. You may want to join those identifiers with their human readable names such as Account Name, Opportunity Name, and Opportunity Owner to make some reports more readable, but these are not required. These fields are automatically included when you first establish your account but they can be deleted by the user.
  • How much data does Funnelcast need to make good forecasts?
    Check out our data requirements for guidelines on this. We have seen very good forecasts with considerably lighter data than the guidelines suggest. The best way to find out is to try it. More data improves forecasts. Data quality matters as well, but mostly for scores on individual opportunities. For aggregated analytics, more data is more important than data quality.
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