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Something’s wrong if your forecasts are right

Updated: Mar 18

You want your forecasts to be wrong. Wait, what?

A good forecast tells you what's reasonable to expect. Most of the time you want to beat that. When you do beat that forecast, it will have been wrong!

Vendor claims of "98%" accurate forecasts or whatever, really mean that they're not helping you beat those forecasts! 

Sales forecasts ain’t weather forecasts. You can change the outcome. A great forecast should help you build a strategy to sell more. So you can beat your forecast and your quota. Funnelcast gives you strategic advice on how to do that. Our users go home every day knowing they worked on the most impactful things. 

Let’s quantify that. Advancing your cause at the top 10% most impactful deals is typically as valuable as the remaining 90%. And that 10% will change every day. Increasing demand generation in the right segments has similar leverage. 


Think about that. Are you working on the right deals at the right time? Investing in demand gen in the right segments? Funnelcast users are. They get a new, prioritized list every day—strategic advice on which deals and which segments to pursue. They understand the effects of successfully pursuing that strategy on the odds of beating their numbers.


Our baseline forecasts show you what to expect if you keep doing what you’ve been doing. We want that to be wrong. Because—if you follow our advice and adjust your strategy—your strategy-adjusted forecast will be right. And you will beat your baseline forecast.


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