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How is Funnelcast unique?

Updated: May 1

Whether you use spreadsheets, Salesforce, revenue operations software—or us—for sales pipeline review and in-quarter forecasting, Funnelcast provides complementary analytics that help you sell more. How is Funnelcast unique?

  • Instead of countless summaries about what already happened or changed, Funnelcast provides concise predictive and prescriptive insights—for forecasting, sales optimization, and planning.

  • Traditional commit list forecasts are intuitive and easy. You can do this in Funnelcast, but we focus on more accurate forecasts and deeper insights into your business—current quarter or longer.

  • Relying only on data already in your CRM system, Funnelcast can be deployed in minutes and gives you an interpretable model of your business.

  • Models focused on in-quarter forecasts rely on short-term signals and have a hard time making accurate forecasts beyond the quarter. Funnelcast uses a flexible model for accurate short- and long-term forecasts.

  • Even the best pipeline management tools can miss the bigger picture—that your business is driven by open funnel and new activity. In addition to pipeline management, Funnelcast presents a holistic analysis—from new opportunity flow to closed won—so you can plan and manage your business efficiently.

  • Funnelcast offers published fees for unlimited users.

Funnelcast takes CRM analytics to a whole new level, telling you what’s going to happen—this quarter to next year—why, and how to sell more.

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