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How is Funnelcast unique?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Funnelcast provides you with a simple, intuitive model of both your open funnel and prospective-funnel, for this quarter to next year. This powers long-term forecasts, data-driven sales planning, and resource optimization.

In addition to business segmentation and opportunity progression, the model is based on factors you control and that directly determine your sales: win rate, new deal generation rate, and deal size.

Using those factors, Funnelcast helps you plan and optimize sales by understanding the most impactful changes you can make to improve your outcome.

Others provide a black box short-term forecast, and a deluge of metrics that have little to no bearing on what you sell.



Forecast scope

  • Existing opportunities

  • Prospective new opportunities

  • Existing opportunities

Predictive period

  • Current quarter

  • Next quarter

  • Current Year

  • Next year

  • Current quarter

Model approach

  • Transparent

  • Based on basic factors you control

  • Simple statistics

  • Opaque

  • Unknown algorithm

  • Black-box/AI


  • Most impactful changes

  • Forecast

  • Plan

  • Optimize

  • Deal inspection

  • Data entry

  • Metrics loosely connected to outcomes

Whether you use spreadsheets, Salesforce, revenue operations software—or us—for sales pipeline review and in-quarter forecasting, Funnelcast provides complementary analytics that help you forecast better, plan, and sell more.

  • Instead of countless summaries about what already happened or changed, Funnelcast provides concise predictive and prescriptive insights—for forecasting, planning, and sales optimization.

  • Traditional commit list forecasts are intuitive and easy. You can do this in Funnelcast, but we focus on forecasts that are accurate sooner, and deeper insights into your business—current quarter or longer.

  • Relying only on data already in your CRM system, Funnelcast can be deployed in minutes and gives you an interpretable model of your business.

  • Systems that focus on in-quarter, bottom-of-funnel have a hard time saying anything useful beyond the quarter. Funnelcast’s approach provides simple, actionable insights—current quarter to next year.

  • Even the best pipeline management tools can miss the bigger picture—that your business is driven by open funnel and new activity. In addition to pipeline management, Funnelcast presents a holistic analysis—from new opportunity flow to closed won—so you can plan and manage your business efficiently.

  • Funnelcast offers published fees for unlimited users.

Funnelcast takes CRM analytics to a whole new level, telling you what’s going to happen—this quarter to next year—why, and how to sell more.


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