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How will you sell more in 2024?

Our customers are growing 30%+, without spending more.

Our sales optimization and forecasting are unmatched.

Funnelcast explainers

Funnelcast explainers

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Right-goal. Right-staff. Right-focus.

Forecast better. Eliminate inefficiencies. Grow faster.

Avoid overcommitting

Set realistic goals with accurate forecasts—for current quarter and next year+.

Reduce over-hiring

Gap analysis helps you balance demand generation with sales and marketing staffing.

Stop working the wrong opps.

Work the ones you'll win at the right time. Know your true ideal customer profile and when to engage with them.

Some questions you can answer:


Will we meet our plan? 

Know what to expect from your funnel and go-to-market investment with short- and long-term forecasts.

Open Funnel backtest.tif

That's a three-year backtest showing our year-ahead prediction compared to actual results. Want to know what to expect from your funnel? Look at that blue line. Want to know if you are really growing your future sales? Look for the upward trend in that blue line. 


How much demand generation do we need? 

No more overcommitting. Know how much lead-flow you need to meet your plan.  

Gap target vs. actual rate.tif

Gap analysis tells you how much new activity you need and if you are on target. This business is on target to meet their goal.


How can we sell more? 

Work the right opportunities. Learn which ones are most productive, and when to engage.

Gap segmented by Source IOP.tif

For this business, partner referrals are 4x more productive than outbound demand generation. They could meet their plan a lot easier by investing more in partner programs and less in outbound marketing. 

How will FUNNELCAST help your team?

Manage expectations, improve sales predictability and sales productivity.


Know what to expect, when to hire, how to meet plan, and how to set fair quotas. 


Hone your ideal customer profile with empirical data. Invest in the right market segments.


Manage expectations, grow productivity, and reduce cash needs.

The future of B2B sales management

B2B selling is incredibly expensive. For too long sales managers have been asked to chase unrealistic goals which leads to over-assigning quotas, over-hiring, and pursuing all opportunities at any cost. 


There is a more efficient way to grow sales. The solution starts with analytics that help you right-goal, right-staff, and right-focus.


We use data-driven statistical models to answer critical questions about sales pipeline health, capacity, needs, and optimization. 


Turnkey insights in minutes. Understandable models. You get answers, we do the heavy lifting data preparation and the hard-core math for you.

Advanced pipeline analytics simplified.

Accurate forecasts based on deep analysis of win-rates

Right-goal: set fair goals by person, group, segments, company

Right-staff: balance lead generation and sales staffing

Right-focus: find highest value opportunities by business segment

Increase win-rates through deal-level scores and smart resource allocation


What our customers say

SVP Sales
$125M managed services business.

Right-staffing saves $5M annually

Our board wanted us to double

our sales staff. FUNNELCAST showed us that we really needed more investment in demand generation, not more salespeople. 
It worked! Savings were enormous.


$250M enterprise software business.
Right-focus yields $40M revenue boost

FUNNELCAST showed us that we were putting equal attention on unequal opportunities. We shifted our focus and grew without spending more.

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