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Forget your forecast. Beat your goal!

Get simple concrete advice on:

  • How to sell more

  • Where to focus and when

Funnelcast Overview

Funnelcast Overview

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Right-goal  •  Right-staff  •  Right-focus

Set expectations. Eliminate inefficiencies. Grow faster.

Avoid overcommitting

Set realistic goals—current quarter to next year.

Grow productivity

Capacity analysis helps you balance demand generation with sales and marketing staff.

Work the right opps.

Identify your most impactful deals, and markets. Work the right ones—at the right time. 

How will FUNNELCAST help your team?

Manage expectations, improve sales predictability and sales productivity.


Know what to expect, when to hire, how to do better, and how to set fair quotas. 


Hone your ideal customer profile with empirical data. Invest in the right market segments.


Manage expectations, grow productivity, and reduce cash needs.

What our customers say

SVP Sales

$125M managed services business.

Right-staffing saves $5M annually

Our board wanted us to double

our sales staff. FUNNELCAST showed us that we really needed more investment in demand generation, not more salespeople. 
It worked! Savings were enormous.


$250M enterprise software business.
Right-focus yields $40M revenue boost

FUNNELCAST showed us that we were putting equal attention on unequal opportunities. We shifted our focus and grew without spending more.

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