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Easy revenue optimization

Funnelcast explainers

Funnelcast explainers

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Right-goal. Right-staff. Right-focus.

Forecast better. Eliminate inefficiencies. Grow faster.

Avoid overcommitting

Set realistic goals with accurate forecasts—for current quarter and next year+.

Reduce over-hiring

Gap analysis helps you balance demand generation with sales and marketing staffing.

Stop working the wrong opps.

Work the ones you'll win at the right time. Know your true ideal customer profile and when to engage with them.

Some questions you can answer:


Will we meet our plan? 

Know what to expect from your funnel and go-to-market investment with short- and long-term forecasts.

Open Funnel backtest.tif

That's a three-year backtest showing our year-ahead prediction compared to actual results. Want to know what to expect from your funnel? Look at that blue line. Want to know if you are really growing your future sales? Look for the upward trend in that blue line. 


How much demand generation do we need?