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Why we want your help

B2B companies routinely overspend on sales and marketing. Without good analytics to guide them; they frequently overcommit, over-hire, and work on the wrong opportunities. 

We want to empower B2B companies to make data-driven decisions about the right goals, staff, and focus. In the future, businesses will rely on Funnelcast analytics to answer questions about:

  • What to expect from their sales and marketing efforts

  • How much lead flow they need to meet plan

  • How to allocate resources to maximize sales 

We know you care about these things too. So we suspect that you will want lead this change by giving us your insights and helping us with our product-market fit.

Even if you can’t use Funnelcast in your business, we’d value your insight. And we promise you will come away with a new perspective that you can use in your planning. 

If you can’t afford the time to help us now, we understand and appreciate your interest nonetheless. If you can help, fantastic!


You can reply below to schedule a brief meeting or just respond to the message that linked you here. 

We look forward to talking.

30-minute meeting to give us your insights on product-market fit.

Thanks for your help! We will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting.

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