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Business planning should not be a negotiation

Can you relate?


The company's future and your compensation depend on the outcome of this discussion.

Settle the debate with facts that tell you what to expect and where to focus your efforts to grow.

Right-focus, right-goal, right-staff

Machine learning on CRM data finds exploitable inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your sales and marketng processes.

Sales and Marketng Optimization

The average B2B enterprise spends 48% of revenue on sales and marketing.


Long sales cycles make resource allocation experiments and errors very expensive. 

Are you spending your 48% wisely?

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ML Insights for the
C-suite: Informed resource allocation

Our machine learning software uses your CRM data to find bottlenecks and inefficiencies in sales and marketing processes. 

Uncover hidden opportunites for growth or cost savings.

Sample results

Your business will be different of course, but here's what we have done for previous clients:

  • 25% growth in new business without spending more

  • 50% reduction in cost of sales while accelerating growth.  

Before you spend half your revenue on sales and marketing, would you like to learn more?


Spend wisely

On productivity

B2B software enterprises spend an average of 48% of revenue on sales and marketing, but often struggle to answer important questions like: 

  • If we hire more salespeople, will we sell more? When?

  • How many new leads—of what type—do we need to support this plan?

  • Should we invest in sales or marketing?

Take a look below to see how productive B2B enterprises are at sales and marketing.





Sales and Marketing as pct of rev.png

The trend line shows that productivity improves with scale. Companies with lower cost of sales and marketing are usually lower growth or are operating in more mature markets. But, even businesses with best-in-class productivity have room for improvement. A real use-case from such a company found over 25% revenue growth without increasing costs.

Before you spend your 48%, learn more about how Kallagi machine learning software can help you improve your sales and marketing results. 


We are sales and marketing optimization specialists. Our team has a unique combination of experiences in growing B2B sales organizations, establishing repeatable processes, and the application of quantitative methods to solving business problems.


Tel: 617-901-3022

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